We are looking for individuals who love to party and who has a large circle of friends and likes to network with new people. Our venues are currently Aquum and Fu Manchu with venues in the West End, Shoreditch and Camden to come. As we mainly operate a Guest List or Ticket system, your job is to get people on the guest list or sell tickets but as we also offer the opportunity for you to build a network and profile we also take on street teams so please enquire.

Get paid to party

Some ambassadors make £100-£250 a night (this is not based on street promoting as that varies), instead we update you on events and you message all your friends, colleagues and advertise throughout the week to your social media network, asking them to come and join you. If you have a birthday or a group booking let you get a free table and bottle/s.

How it all works

You send your guest list in by the arranged time on the night of the party. All your guests will have to say your name on the guest list when they arrive on the door. All guests have to be on a guest list to enter the party and must be 18+ and bring valid ID (passport or driving licence). The dress code is always smart (no sports wear, no flats for girls). You don’t have to attend as long as you email your guest list, we will manage all but is always good you are there to check your tally.

So come and discover a hidden world of events as a brand ambassador. If you are sociable, have a good network of friends and want to make good money we would love to hear from you.

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